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How to throw a Grown Up Halloween Party

If you haven’t started planning for Halloween yet, what are you waiting for? We’ve been counting down for months, so now we’re sharing our tips with you for the perfect Halloween party – for “grown ups” only!

Halloween parties tend to conjure up thoughts of screaming kids, tacky shop bought decorations and sticky food packed full of sugar, but we’ve been busy preparing the perfect Halloween party pack to make you rethink those old fashioned notions. We’re here to get you ready for Halloween, so whether you’ve left your planning to the very last minute or you’re almost there with your party prep, our tips will help you on the way to throwing the best spooky gathering yet.

Halloween Party Decor Ideas

First up, the décor: it’s the first thing your guests are going to see as they approach the house, and it’s the first impression of your party your guests will get. Create a few of our “Boo Bottles” to serve your creepy cocktails in; give your venue a spooky atmosphere with our bat lampshade cut outs; mummify your front door; and decorate the house with a few bloody handprints – even better if the party includes a murder mystery for your guests to solve!

And what would a Halloween party be without the costumes? To make life easier for grown ups who might not have the time to go out and buy a full costume, we’ve picked out a few of the most popular Halloween costumes for this year, according to our own survey, and created them out of things you can mostly find in your wardrobe already with a bit of additional face paint and a few accessories. As usual witches have topped the poll but Harley Quinn is touted to be the most seen pop culture costume this season followed closely by Deadpool and Donald Trump!

Easy Halloween Costumes

And for a grown up twist, we’ve designed a few cocktails based around American Horror Story – the series that’s the talk of the Halloween season (we’re still wondering when Evan Peters will make an appearance!). Give your guests the instructions to create these themselves, or get them to guess which cocktail relates to which AHS series for a fun game:

American Horror Story Themed Cocktails

A Halloween gathering just wouldn’t be any fun without a few games to get the party started. Use the cocktails you created earlier for a horror movie drinking game, get your pumpkin carving on with our templates, or get traditional with a bit of apple bobbing:

Halloween Party Games

Hopefully we’ve given you enough ideas to help you throw the perfect Halloween party – download our Halloween Party Pack PDF to get all our ideas in one handy place and make sure to send us pictures of your Halloween party!

Halloween Party Pack PDF Download