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Happy Holi!

holi festival

Today some of you will likely be celebrating the Holi festival.

Have you heard of the Holi festival? Holi is a festival of colours which marks the end of winter and beginning of spring. It is a festival that had its origin in India but, over the years, it has gained its popularity all across Europe and America, and as you know we are fans of colour here at Festive Lights!

The night before the Holi day is the Bonfire Night, where followers burn an effigy of the mythical demoness Holika, who tried to kill Prahlad, a devotee of the Hindu God Narayana. Burning her symbolizes the victory of the good over the bad.

On the day of the festival, people chase each other, spray and smear each other in colourful water and throw coloured powder in the air. This is not done maliciously, but in the spirit of celebrating the festive moment.


The image above gives you a glimpse of what the Holi Festival is all about.

After the exuberance of the day, people will visit families and friends in the evening and exchange sweets and good wishes. This helps in strengthening the emotional bonds between people.

On this very festive day, our entire team at Festive Lights wishes all of you a Happy Holi. Here is our homage: