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Gravestone Lights – Yay or Nay?

how do solar lights work

A trend that we’ve noticed in recent years is is for an increasing number of people to tell us that they use lights – particularly solar lights – to place beside the gravestone of a loved one. If this is something that you’ve never considered before, then your immediate reaction might be one of disbelief. Even within the office here, the subject of gravestone lights is something that splits opinion. I’ve detailed the cases for and against them below, but really want to hear what you think!


I thought it would be a little inappropriate to conduct an impromptu photoshoot at a cemetery, so this image pinched from Google will have to suffice!


In favour of gravestone lights

Tradition dictates that, if anything, people leave flowers at a grave. The problem with this is that flowers wilt and die and something that looks nice at the time can end up as a bit of an eyesore. A solar light is something that lives on (at least for as long as the batteries hold out). Physically it should be unaffected by inclement weather conditions, and there are even solar flower lights available so that the tradition is at least partially upheld. Solar lights are also relatively inexpensive, with the cost not too dissimilar to that of a bunch of flowers. On paper it sounds great, but some people have their doubts…

The case against gravestone lights

‘Tacky’ is the word most often used by those who oppose the idea of gravestone lights, but regardless of whether you agree with that, there are other more legitimate concerns. Firstly, as sad as this is, people have been known to steal solar lights from cemeteries. I can’t even begin to comprehend the type of person that would do that, but customers have informed us that it has happened. Secondly, solar lights need sunlight to charge, so the position of the gravestone itself might be an issue (can you request a south-facing gravestone?).

What do you think?

So, what do you think? Would you consider purchasing a solar light, or other outdoor light, specifically to place beside a gravestone, or do you think it’s a bit naff? Oh look, there’s a handy comments box right below the article…