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Glamping – The Glamorous World of Camping!

The glamorous world of camping I hear you say, is that correct? I have to admit I was sceptical about the term at first; all of my camping experiences have been the polar opposite (sharing a 3 man tent between 4 at a scorching music festival isn’t the best advert for camping) but it appears this new craze does carry some weight. It transpires that if you’re not a student living off a diet of soup and cheap ciders you can actually invest in a whole range of lights that can make your tent look absolute sensational this summer! In fact if you ditched the cider it would still be a very real possibility that you could deck it anyway.

This isn’t just a craze that is restricted to the young person heading to yet another festival, but also can be used in a host of other ways, whether it be a wedding, summer party in your back garden or simply an outdoor camping adventure with the family. One thing is for sure, we have the ideal lighting options to make your tent or marquee to be the one to watch!

Festoon Lights

Festoon lighting in particular is a superb option for adding that desired homely feel to your tent or marquee. The most popular choice is to use the traditional warm white option, as illustrated in the two pictures here. We do both connectable and pre-made festoon sets, and both E27 and B22 fittings depending on your desire. It is fast becoming one of our most popular product sections, especially for larger displays. By incorporating actual light bulbs, it emits a much wider range of light and really creates a spectacular, lived in feel once the sun goes down. These do generally use mains power to run, which obviously can be a hindrance in the world of glamping! Recently we have added a solar festoon set to our ever expanding range, so for the person on the move this really will kill two birds with one stone!

glamping 1

glamping 2


Thanks to PapaKåta for the image.

Battery Lights for ‘Glamping’

Whilst festoon lighting is the perfect choice for larger tents or events requiring a marquee, it may just be that you are just searching for something small to lighten the place up. For something like this we would recommend battery fairy lights or tea lights which come in a host of colours and designs to suit everyone. If it is practical light that you require, yet still want something decorative, then battery fairy lights will be the savvy way to go. With these you can still illuminate a large area at night (the maximum fixed length is 5m and we do offer a connectable option) and would be a lovely option for adorning a tent doorway for example. For the inside of the tent we would recommend Tea and Candle lights; These really can help to set a romantic mood, which believe it or not can still be attained in a field in the middle of nowhere (to some degree anyway) and will be ideal if it is just the two of you! We also offer waterproof options in the candle section too, perfect for when your caught in that untimely storm!

glamping 4

Hopefully yours won’t be this wet.

Solar Powered ‘Glamping’

Last but not least on our list of glamping options are to go for the solar route! This is most likely to appeal to our ‘glampers’, as we all know solar power embraces the great outdoors just as you intend to. In recent years the forward advancements in solar technology has been remarkable, and gone are the days of products that work for an hour before fizzling out. We have a huge amount of choice that would look fantastic in and around tents, from festoon and rope light for adorning doorways and larger areas, to beautifully designed lanterns to add that extra touch of glamour. All that would be needed would be to leave the solar panel out in the day whilst you’re out exploring, before returning in the evening to a wonderful sight! For the experienced outdoor adventurer we have now developed a solar camping system, which gives you the option of lighting at night, plus an option for mobile phone charging! No matter where you end up on your travels, you’ll always be able to call home when it’s got too much.
So forget the rain and it taking 3 hours to put your tent up, glamping is well and truly here to stay!