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Ever seen the fairy lights artwork of Laura Adel Johnson?

Sometimes we like to browse the internet in search of interesting and original uses for lighting. One such search inadvertently led to the discovery of something pretty incredible: the artwork of one Laura Adel Johnson. Before we go straight to the images, here’s a little background on the artist and her work…

Who is Laura Adel Johnson?

That’s a great question. Laura is apparently a ‘multimedia artist’, at least she was. It’s tricky to find out too much information about her and indeed about her work. What we do know is that she graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Australia, in 2004, completing a BA in Art. She has since exhibited in several galleries across Australia and during a residency at the Bermis Centre for Contemporary Art in Nebraska started to work with fairy lights, having been inspired by Christmas lights.

What is fairy lights wall art?

I’m not sure that Laura was the pioneer of fairy lights wall art – arguably any fairy lights installation on the wall could be considered art – but hers is certainly unique. She uses fairy lights to create portraits. We’re not sure on the exact age of these images, but they appear to be from around 2008-2009.

And yes, these are nice but if you wanted something a little simpler, you could always opt for an LED Canvas…

Also be sure to look out for our guide to making your own light up pin board art, which is coming soon!

lauraadel-1 lauraadel-2

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Pretty spectacular stuff, right? Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below.

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