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DIY Selfie Ring Light

If you have never heard of a selfie ring light, then you need to look them up on the internet right away! Ring lights are changing the Instagram and vlogging world! They give you flawless professional camera lighting, and in the video and steps below I’m going to show you how to make your own on a budget!



You will need:

– Glue gun
– Scissors
– Pen
– Wire wreath (we used a 20cm one)
– Aluminium foil
LED rope light (white)
– Cable ties
– Cardboard
– Silver glitter backing paper or foam (folding the foil would also work)

Step by step:

1. Mark around the wire wreath onto the cardboard, and cut out for the backing of the ring light.

2. Fully cover the cardboard ring using the shiny side of aluminium foil. (It doesn’t have to be fully secured / neat as the wire wreath will be attached to the front of it!)

3. Using cable ties, attach the rope light to the wire wreath in a circular motion, tucking the remaining power cable through the centre and securing at the back of the wire wreath.

4. Snip off the excess cable ties and position the notches to the top so they aren’t visible and obstructing the edge of the light.

5. Cut the glitter paper into strips to be secured around the edge (this will prevent the light from spilling over the sides, so that it fully focuses onto the subject of the photograph).

6. Using the glue gun, attach the glitter strips onto the edges of the ring light. It may not sit straight at first, but once the glue has cooled, snip the edges & tidy them up!

7. Plug the light in and happy snapping!!!!


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