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DIY: Neon Sign

If you follow our blogs you’ll know that last week we put together an inspo-filled blog of the latest trend, NEON! if you did miss it, click here to catch up on all things bright and wonderful. As promised in that blog, here is our follow up ‘DIY’ so keep watching to see how we made this awesome cactus neon sign and find out how you can make your own!

You will need:

  1. Clear cable ties
  2. scissors
  3. Marker pen
  4. Neon flex
  5. Paper
  6. Metal mesh grid.

We create this sign using 2 metres of our green Neon Flex LED cut-to-length rope lighting, and a 2 metre flex power cable. The neon flex is very malleable, allowing you to sculpt almost any contour and making hundreds of shapes possible. The classic neon glow is created with energy efficient LEDs within the neon flex, meaning this light will always stay cool to the touch and, unlike traditional glass neon, it won’t smash – so no safety hazards!


  1. Mark out the central lines of the grid
  1. Roughly draw out your shape
  1. Map out the Neon Flex to make sure you have enough for the design
  1. Start cable tying in place, but don’t tighten yet!
  2. You can heat Neon Flex with a hairdryer/heater to make it more flexible
  3. Tighten the ties, if you’re happy with placement, and snip the excess
  4. Decorate the grid or keep it simple, it’s totally up to you!
  5. Hang your masterpiece for all to see!

If you’ve tried this DIY, then let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share your images on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, making sure you use our hashtag #myfestivelights and we’ll share our favourites!

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