DIY light-up mason jars

If you’re a Pinterest junky like myself then you’ve been lusting over DIY painted and lit up mason jars for about a year. However some of those creations look just a little bit too fiddly, don’t they?

Well don’t worry we have some really easy DIY projects that will not only fill your craft craving and look amazing but will take hardly any time to make.

1.Trapped fireflies

Here’s a really easy one! Take a mason jar, baby food jar, jam jar basically any jar then clean it out and take off any labels. Next you will need either some glow in the dark paint (if you want your creation to last) or a glow stick.

If you choose the glow stick you will need to do this right before you are going to use them: give the glow stick a good crack so the liquids can mix, then cut it open. Next all you need to do is fill the inside of the jar with the liquid. You can flick, spray, splatter or dab the liquid into your jar. As long as you’re happy with your technique then it really doesn’t matter. If you’re using glow in the dark paint then the idea is just the same for getting the paint on the inside of the jar, the only other thing you might want to do is leave your jar next to a light to dry to let the paint charge. And voila you have created your own jar of tiny fireflies perfect for making any garden look magical this winter.

trapped fireflies

Image from Pinterest

2.Moonshine jar

This one can be as easy or as crafty as you like. The basic idea is to put battery powered tea lights into a jar or bottle. Battery tea lights are great for using outside as most will have timers, meaning you don’t have to remember to blow them out and similarly you don’t have to worry about them being blown out by the wind. Our submersible lights
will also still work in the rain.

My top tip is to cover the inside of your jar with glitter! Once a flickering tea light has been placed in the bottom, the glitter really comes to life, a classy way to add some sparkle on a winter night. These are perfect for placing on tables, around the garden or hanging from trees.
mason jar tea lights   mason jar lights
Images from Pinterest

3.Jar of stars

If tea lights aren’t your thing, throw some dainty battery powered wire fairy lights into your jar for another amazing starry night effect, this one looks great indoors as well as outdoors.

If you want some more information on how to do this you can see our blog post where we took you through step by step by step how to put wire fairy lights in lots of different types of bottles.

jar lights

Image from Pinterest

4.Constellation jar

This last DIY idea is great for children and all you need is a jar, fairy lights or white bulb battery powered tea light, some kitchen foil and a pen! First roll out your tin foil until it is just less than the circumference of the jar you are using. Then, taking your pen, start to push holes sporadically through the foil. Once you have your desired amount of holes you can carefully roll the tin foil into a cylinder small enough to be slotted into the jar. Once you have your foil inside the jar you can place in your fairy lights or tea light and watch your room fill with stars.

constellation mason jar

Image from Pinterest

If you give any of the ideas a try we would love to see your photos! Find us on any of our social media accounts.