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DIY Light Up Hanging Pampas Grass Cloud 🌾☁

Pampas grass is becoming more popular than ever before; you’ve probably seen it making appearances in the homes of some of your favourite Instagram accounts.  The neutral colours and earthy textures blend in with almost any interior design style, and because the grass is dried, it lasts for years whilst still looking fabulous.

For this DIY, we’ve teamed up with @preciouspampas to create our very own Insta-worthy pampas grass arrangement in the form of a hanging cloud and, because it’s us, it lights up with wire lights to give the cloud a warm, twinkling glow!

If you want to know how we created this gorgeous pampas cloud, then watch our video below! You can find all the details on what you need, along with a handy step-by-step guide, beneath the video.


You will need:

  • Floral oasis block and a piece of string the same width to fix around
  • Floral wire for hanging the cloud and wire snips
  • Battery wire lights
  • Cup hooks, or another ceiling fixing of your choice. This will be dependent on where you are fixing your cloud
  • Pampas grass – we have used 15 XL pampas stems from @preciouspampas



  1. Prepare your oasis block by removing any wrapping and cutting it down to your required size.
  2. Attach the string to the block. Cross it under and over as you would with ribbon when wrapping a parcel or present.
  3. Secure the two cup hooks in position of where you want to hang the cloud.
  4. Attach the wire to each hook and secure to the string on the oasis block.
  5. Next, wrap your lights around the oasis foam, securing the battery box underneath as this will be covered with the pampas.
  6. Then, unwrap your pampas and separate each stem.
  7. Cut down the pampas to your required size using the floral snips, make sure not to cut too close to the grass as the strength of the stem is needed to secure the papas into the oasis block.
  8. When all your pampas is cut down and ready, start adding it into the oasis! Start with the larger pieces around the main corners and work your way round to fill in the gaps.
  9. You may not need to cover the top or bottom, depending on the height you want your pampas cloud to hang.
  10. Keep filling the oasis with the pampas grass until you’re happy with the coverage – we used 15 XL stems in total.



Pampas clouds are super on-trend, and making your own means you have the option to fully customise it. You could add in some dried eucalyptus for a Christmas vibe, or you could add glittered sprays for a Gatsby-esque show-stopper.

If you’ve tried this DIY, then let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share your images on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, making sure you use our hashtag #ShareTheJoy – and we’ll share our favourites!

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