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Coming soon – our revolutionary grow your own solar lights!

There seems to be a whole industry based on things you can grow yourself – grow your own girlfriend/boyfriend, we’ve even seen a grow your own unicorn kit! Thanks to the world of convenience and instant gratification we find ourselves living in, these popular kits have tapped into a much needed human desire to have your cake and … grow it. Well, not ones to miss out on a trend, here at Festive Lights, we’ve been busy inventing the next big thing in this grow your own craze.

It’s that time of year when you’ll be thinking about donning those green fingers and getting out in the garden to sew the seeds for summer. Whilst you’re tending to the flora, why not sprinkle a handful of solar seedlings into the plant pot too?

Introducing …. grow your own solar lights! Coming soon to Festive Lights, this revolutionary new range of solar lighting can be grown at home!

Within just 10 short days, you’ll have fully grown solar lights, ready with full charge to light up your lawn and brighten your backyard! Available in a variety of styles and colours, you can have your pick of the bunch by choosing the lights to match your chosen colour scheme.

How does your garden glow? With solar lights all in a row!