Interior Décor

Children’s bedroom lights

Maybe your little one has just arrived, been here for a while or is yet to appear; whatever the situation, you’ll love these adorable ideas for decorating your new arrival’s room.

Reading nook

If your bright spark loves story time, then they’ll love having their own special area for getting lost in their favourite fairy tale. Try a fabric tent or even just some cushions in a cozy corner.

Top tip: We love adding fairy lights to this area, so that they’ll always have enough light to read.

Bed canopy

We know bedtime can be stressful when you’re small, so why not add a little magic to bedtimes with a canopy fit for any prince or princess?

Top tip: Use lots of soft fabrics and tulle to create the perfect den to keep the monsters away. You could even add some twinkling lights so they can feel like they’re sleeping under the stars


We know mobiles have been around for a while, but if you have some spare time (probably before your bundle of joy arrives) then why not add a personal touch to the room by creating your own mobile to hang over their cot?

Top tip: Add photos of yourself and other friends and family members so your new arrival will always be surrounded by loved ones.

Night lights

Night lights are a must-have in your child’s room whatever their age. Whether they need a little light to help them sleep alone, or just to stop you from tripping up during those hazy late night feeds, then a night light is a necessity.

Top tip: We love these magical unicorn lights as their slow colour-changing function is perfect to help everyone fall softly back to sleep.

Cozy cot

Any parent will tell you that having a nice crib is not only helpful with getting your child to sleep on their own, but it also helps you when you eventually have to leave them. Leaving your bundle of joy is much easier when you’re leaving them bundled up in a super cozy cot.

Top tip: Any of the ideas mentioned above will make your cot super cozy, but why not try adding bunting or a dream catcher?

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