What are the different types of Christmas tree?

different trees

Whilst we do admit to being lighting specialists, our Christmas Tree range is also one of the largest in the UK. Although most families opt for the traditional looking Artificial Green Tree, we have many other modern options that could be used for either your home or garden. In fact by having such a large variation of choice, you may find something that you would like to leave up all year round!

1. Artificial Trees

This standard artificial tree is the perfect family option, and is reliable to last for many Christmas’s to come. Of course the traditional green tree will never go out of fashion, and it always creates a special feel in the home, especially when finished with White lighting and Red tinsel! Our range has now progressed to a multitude of colours, differing from purple to orange!



An artificial Pink tree, (one for the dads!)

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2. Pre-Lit Trees

Especially useful for the busy family home or shopkeeper, our Pre-Lit range of trees is very similar to our standard artificial tree, although of course lights already come installed, taking much time and effort away. We now feature pre-lit trees with White, Warm White and Blue lighting, all on tree’s ranging from 3 to 9ft. In our pre-lit section we now also have smaller potted trees, excellent as either a small second tree or as a welcoming sight in your porch.


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3. Fibre-Optic Trees

A similar choice to the pre-lit tree, but whilst they have small bulbs installed externally all around the tree, the Fibre-Optic tree has bulbs incorporated inside all of the branches themselves. This creates a lovely flowing effect, as the bulb twinkles from dark to light. Due to recent advancements in LED technology, our fibre-optic tree use neither a motor or a bulb in the base of the tree anymore, ensuring the tree works for longer, and uses less energy.


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4. LED Trees

Although all of our pre-lit and fibre optic tree use LED lights, we have our own special category purposely for trees filled with LED’s! Basically these trees have no coverage on the branches, that will normally find on a Christmas tree. Instead they are bare and filled with lights! If you are really looking for something different to brighten up your home, garden or office, then these LED trees will provide that ‘X factor’!


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5. PE Trees

PE trees are our most expensive and luxurious tree, creating extremely realistic and satisfying results. If you are searching for something as close to a real Christmas tree as possible, then they are 100% the way to go! In fact, we deemed them so important, we gave them for their own information page so you can understand exactly how they are assembled.


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6. Real Trees

We don’t sell real trees for obvious reasons, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate their charm. For some people the idea of erecting anything other than a real Christmas tree is tantamount to blasphemy and you know what, we’re okay with that. Just so long as they use our lights to dress them…