What are PE Trees?


Polyethylene trees, better known by the abbreviated title ’PE’ trees, are a type of artificial Christmas tree that are made with a superior quality of material, modelled from real tree branches. The polyethylene is injected into tree branch moulds in order to maximise the realism of the trees, giving them a thicker, fuller appearance and feel than cheaper alternatives.

That papery feel that you are used to from artificial Christmas trees is not found on PE trees, whose branches and needles have a more rubbery, realistic texture to them. They are also much more durable and the ‘needles’ will not fall or snap off as they sometimes do with PVC trees. Some of our trees actually combine the two materials, to create a more authentic, less regimented tree.

They will generally have more branches or branch tips than equivalent artificial trees and the increased quality can actually be felt. Some PE trees will even feature a variety of different ‘types’ of branches and needles, illustrated in one of the images that complement this text.

PE trees offer the realistic appearance of a genuine Christmas tree, along with all of the well documented advantages of artificial trees. They can be stowed away each year, they don’t create a mess and one tree can last you a number of years.

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