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Technical Advice

Traditional Vs Modern Christmas Lighting

modern v traditional

It’s the age old argument when it comes to Christmas time, do you stick to the traditions of your grandparents, or become ultra-modern like your noisy neighbours? It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for an understated candle bridge or an 8ft inflatable reindeer, we will have just the items that can suit any type of Christmas display.

Traditional Lighting

What is your choice when it comes to Christmas? Are you a true traditionalist? Even with more and more people swaying to glitzy lights and decorations, there is always a place for the old fashioned look. Christmas is and always should be a family time, and there is nothing better to complement this than a green artificial tree completed with red decorations and tinsel, positioned next to the fire.

It has to be said too, traditional lighting never goes out of fashion. The look of yesteryear always comes back around, and this rule also applies to lighting. When it comes to illuminating your tree, using standard fairy lights in either a white or warm white colour never fails to impress. The popularity of festoon lighting (which feature a traditional bulb shape) has risen sharply recently, incorporating actual LED Bulbs fitted into a belt. This look owes much to American culture, and there is always a place for these large bulbs, wrapped around a green Christmas tree. It’s a timeless style that will always last, and combines modern LED technology with old style decorative lighting.
traditional-tree traditional festoons

Modern Lighting

Maybe this is the year to replace the old green tree with a bright purple one! In our ever expanding tree range we now have a huge variety of weird and wonderful colours that will liven up your living room. Handily we now have trees in both pre-lit and fibre optic options, ensuring that if you don’t want the fuss, you won’t even have to buy lights this year.

But if you do……wow! Our modern lighting range has developed even further, and with our lights you can feel safe in the idea that your house will be the most talked about on the street this Christmas. The selection of outdoor silhouettes and motifs we have is unparalleled, and will really help you to create a modern, state of the art display around your home. You can still keep a traditional element in your silhouettes by going for the snowman or Santa option, or it could be time to go full circle and get a huge 3D Bauble!
modern-lightsmodern ball lights

The huge silhouette may not be to everyone’s taste, but you can still give your outdoors an uplift by using curtain or icicles lights around your windows and garages. We have an array of colours in this section, from a homely warm white to a sparkling blue and white! These really do create a beautiful effect once installed, and bring a certain classy feel to proceedings.

Finally, we come to our extension choice of fairy and string lights! We now have a bigger variety of colours and styles than ever, from pinecone and berry bulbs to your standard fairy light bulb. Is this the year to join the Christmas revolution? Gold fairy lights on a blue tree?