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Top 3 Christmas trends 2015

Christmas decorations, every year it’s the same, up in the attic to get covered in dust while you take down that same Christmas tree along with the all to familiar decoration box full of dusty baubles, then you spend the rest of the evening untangling lights just praying that they’ll work when you manage to find the plug. Now don’t get me wrong I love tradition but sometimes it just gets a bit tired.

So if you’re like me and thinking of changing up your Christmas Decorations this year or maybe even your tree then here are 3 of this year’s top Christmas tree trends to help you start thinking outside the Christmas decorations box.

1. Nordic

Well this trend is pretty hard not to love there’s just something so “simply Christmas” about red and white teamed with classic Nordic/Scandinavian prints.

The easy way to add this trend to your holiday décor is to cut down the colours on your tree and stick to your red’s and white’s once your tree is on trend you can just follow with your wrapping. You’ll find Nordic wrapping papers and ribbons everywhere this year.

2. Monochrome

Perfect for us minimalist perfectionist so clean, so chic, so modern! Now actually perfecting this trend is probably more of a commitment as every now and again we come across “our favourite bauble” that we’ve had for years and although it defiantly doesn’t go with this Christmas’s stylish tree it’s still hard to let go of. A really simple way to make your look stand out is to move away from the usual green tree and opt for an understated yet stunning back or white one! Then follow on with your monochrome finishing’s.

3. Vintage luxe

Now this is defiantly a love it for hate it trend (call it a marmite makeover) but for those who love the kitsch, pink and vintage this is most definitely the trend for you. It’s a tough one to describe and honestly quite a hard one to pull off. The original idea is vintage luxury but really now it has transformed into making pastel as over the top and luxurious as you possibly can while adding a hint of vintage and when done right it can be a real show stopper.

A great way off adding this trend to your home is to go all out and buy a light pink tree (or if you’re not quite that adventurous then you would try white) then just go crazy with the vintage and pastel decoration the more the merrier!

I hope that helped you start thinking of some new ways to decorate your tree this Christmas but if your still looking for inspiration then visit our Pinterest for lots more Christmas decoration ideas.