Margam animated light show

Following on from our profiles of the Tipping Family Lights and the Muldowney Christmas Lights, we’ve been in touch with another long time Festive Lights customer, Daniel Buckingham.

Daniel runs Margam animated light show in Southampton. His light show includes over 25,000 lights set to music! This year in conjunction with dig deep fundraising, Dan’s light show will be raising money for the Autumn-Lily campaign.

The Autumn-Lily campaign. was set up to help send a poorly young girl to Canada to get some much needed stem cell treatment. The campaign was started by the Angler’s Charity Auctions, a group that Dan is very active in.

Before we get into all the questions we asked Dan about his display, let’s see the Margam Animated Light Show in action:


  • FL: Why do you love Christmas?

DB: I love Christmas because it’s the most festive time of the year and having children myself I love how excited they get over the whole thing.

  • FL: How long have you been doing your display for?

DB: I’ve been doing Christmas displays for 4 years now.

  • FL: What made you start doing your display?

DB: I started doing to raise money for disabled children in my local area.

  • FL: How much has the display grown over the years?

DB: The display gets bigger and bigger each year I’m always looking at way to add more lights and props!

  • FL: What is your favourite thing about your display?

DB: My favourite elements of my display is the 5m pixel tree that I built and it can be programmed to synchronise with the music and my 5m pre-lit tree from festive lights.

  • FL: How many lights (approximately) will you have on your display this year?

DB: I have around 25,000 lights this year.

  • FL: When do you start planning and prep for your Christmas display?

DB: I start planning my display in about February working on my programming and layout.

  • FL: How much does your electricity bill increase by around Christmas?

DB: Last year it cost around £50 I expect it to raise a little more this year due to more lights.

  • FL: Finally, what times can members of the public come and see it?

DB: My display runs from the 12th to the 31st Dec it starts at 5pm and finishes at 8pm( the flyer has be send to you in jpeg format MM: Our official switch on this year was on Saturday 5th December. Our light-show runs at my home in Norwood Park, Cobh, Co Cork, Ireland every night from the 5th of December until New Years Eve. The lights are on static from 5pm-10pm. All members of the public are always welcome to attend.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked hearing about Dan’s experiences with his lights. If you would like to know more about Margam animated light show then take a look at his Facebook page .

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