How to install lights on a brick wall

At Festive Lights, unsurprisingly, we get asked lots and lots of lighting related questions; one that gets asked a lot is, how do I install my lights on a brick wall?

Well, not one to leave you in the dark (see what we did there) we thought we’d do a quick instructional video showing you exactly how to do this.

Can’t watch the video? Check out the step by step instructions below the video.


  • You’ll need yellow wall plugs, a drill with 5mm masonry bit and a dustpan & brush
  • Set the drill to the hammer setting. Apply firm and steady pressure to your drill, making sure you’re at right angles to the wall’s surface
  • Once the holes are drilled, insert the wall plugs. They may need a light tap with a hammer until they’re flush with the wall’s surface
  • Screw in the cup hook until tight
  • Hook over the light string and secure with a cable tie as required