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Christmas trends 2017

Christmas is well and truly here, so we’ve put together a list of all our favourite trends for Christmas 2017.

  • Homemade Christmas

Christmas has always been a time to get stuck in when it comes to being creative, but this year we definitely think we’ve seen a rise, not only in homemade gifts, but in homemade decorations too.

Charlotte at @thehomethatmademe recently held a Christmas wreath workshop and we must say the wreaths created there looked amazing!

A great way to get crafty this Christmas is to make your own ornaments; we’ve seen lots of people drying out oranges and turning them into some delicious decs.

If dried fruit isn’t your thing, why not take a leaf out of @thehomethatmademe‘s book and make your own wreath? You could even wind a few wire lights through the foliage.

  • Modern metallics

Now we’re not saying this is a new trend, but it’s definitely back with a vengeance this year. We’ve seen metallics teamed with dark decorations, coppers with pinks, and golds with blues. If it sparkles, we’ve seen it!

But one thing we have loved this year is mixing metallics. Before this we’d only really seen gold and silver at Christmas, but this year we’ve seen them all – gold, silver, copper, brass and rose gold, all in once gloriously luxurious trend.

  • Traditional luxe

Sometimes you just need to go back to basics, nothing feels more Christmassy than multi-coloured lights, tinsel and red and green decorations. If any of those words made you shudder, don’t worry, traditional doesn’t have to mean tacky. We’ve seen lots of people bring back the classic red and green decorations in a fun and modern way.

  • Country Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like curling up in an old country cottage in front of the fire, waiting for Santa to arrive. Don’t worry if your home doesn’t exactly scream English cottage though, because your Christmas décor still can.